The vision of business

  • 01

    The leader in the field of audit

  • The resolute security audit, the position construction of professional enterprise (The security of confidence from clients for BMT1, ISP, etc.)

  • The focus on the capability in the field of security audit

  • The leader in the core field of audit industry (The high growth of annual average 50% in audit industry)

  • 02

    The focus on the technical capability

  • The market expansion in the field of professional business, security audit (The service of solution foundation)

  • The focus on the capability in the field of security audit of server and network

  • The realization of high profit of annual average 30%

  • The continuity of surplus since the start of audit business

  • 03

    The number 1 in the satisfaction of products

  • The maximization of profit by focusing on the self-development

  • The property rights of unrivaled technology (the patent application, 2 cases)

  • The satisfaction in the market of core products (Pan Government, KT, SK, etc,)

  • 04

    The number 1 in market share

  • The possession of excellent self technology (The head in the security audit, the lead in high performance technology)

  • The continued investment on R&D (more than 20 % of annual turnover)

  • The securement of core manpower (the technical manpower, 65%)

Core technology

ModoosOne's has many good things. I will show confidence.

Company Information

Company Name ModoosOne
CEO HyungDo Lim
Industry Software Advisory Development and Supply, System Maintenance, Security audit solution Development
Awards GS(Good Software) Certification / CC Certification / Venture Company Certification / INNOBIZ Certification /
Address 15-1 Saeori-ro 161 beon-gil, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Tel Tel : 02.706.9555 FAX : 706.8333
Founded on Oct, 18 , 2004

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